offering the highest quality
Bengal kittens for sale
Specializing in Silver Bengals

our Bengals are genetically tested to insure health
well socialized with dogs and kids

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 and Beautiful
Susan 304-549-3498 

Why should I buy a Bengal Kitten from BengalPurradise

Schedule a visit to meet Susan, Scott and
all the human and furry family at
BengalPurradise in West Virginia, USA
or at the vet clinic where Susan works, in Dunbar WV

We do not de claw. we teach our kittens do not use their claws.
Our kittens will wiggle and squirm to get down, but will not scratch or bite.

Bengal kittens and Bengal cats like to be in the room with you often helping in what you are doing.

Once one of our kittens makes your home 'their home' They are rarely shy with strangers.

Bengals are cats. They will jump on anything including the kitchen counter.
I strongly suggest putting your Bengal in a separate room while you prepare and enjoy your meals.

Weather permitting we will ship via airlines.

email Susan at
phone 304-549-3498

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