This info is written to help keep a smile on your Face
and on your new kittens face too...
as you get to know each other...

for everyone purchasing a
Purradise Bengal Kitten

Read about the use of vaccines and why Not to use so many.
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all the kittens and cats at Trendar have dry food
available to eat as they choose.
Most good brands
with no corn or byproducts work well
I will give you enough of what I am currently using to mix with your choice food while you switch your kitten. Or you can conti ue using what they are used to

I mix a bit of canned food on some dry for an evening snack



Has been successful before leaving my home.
Occasionally there is no problem at his new home
 this is the single most common reason all breeds of cat are given up.

Get some DR. ELSIE'S KITTEN ATTRACT / CAT ATTRACT  and use that ...
it works but you need to have litter boxes where he can find them for a few momets.
when he is older start removing them one at a time.

Your Home is new, your family is new. While he will be exploring the whole house, he is a baby, and when the urge hits, he needs to find a litter box in a hurry.

I recommend at least 2 litter boxes on each level of your home. When no one is home, keep the kitten in a small room, put food, water and toys in there along with a bed and litter box. The less chances there are for accidents, the faster he will learn to continue good litter box habits. For the first few nights keep a litter box close by in the room where he sleeps, do not let him have run of the whole house when he first arrives. If an accident occurs, clean it and sanitize with something safe to eliminate odor. a pet safe Enzyme Cleaner or Hydrogen Peroxide . Figure out why an accident happened! stress of to much action? jealousy over or feeling threatened by another pet? being left alone? Pay attention and, when not supervised, put kitty in his special room to prevent this from happening again. If he is older and has had good litter box habits then starts to pee outside the box...

HELPFUL HINTS the most common complaint about all breeds of cat is poor litter box habits.

Here are my best tips for resolving a problem.
Please act after only ONE accident!
A kitten from BengalPurradise  is trained before you get it,  I will give you enough fo his current litter for you to mix wwhile changing him over.

Your new kitten is only a baby and will run and play until the last minute, then it needs to have a litter box close at hand.

Please keep SEVERAL small litter boxes throughout the house until he gets older and has better control.

1. Clean the litter box frequently. You don't like to use a dirty bathroom and neither does your cat. Your cat may be refusing to use the litter box because it is smelly and unsanitary.

2. Try switching to a different litter. Your cat may not like the smell or texture of the current litter. Un-perfumed clay litter is often most appealing to cats.

3. Add additional litter boxes. Be sure to have one more box than the number of cats you have. For example, if you have two cats, have at least three litter boxes. Cats are territorial and may be refusing to share the box with rival cats in the house.

4. Try Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter. This litter contains a special blend of herbs that attract kitties to it. Many cats' litter box problems are resolved after going through one bag of this liter. The litter also has a money-back guarantee. Expensive but worth it.... I keep it on hand for training stubborn kittens.

5. Move the litter boxes to a more appealing location. People often locate the litter boxes next to the food and water bowls, a loud, scary washing machine or in a cold, dark basement, which could be the reason some cats refuse to use them.

6. Take the top off the litter boxes. Cats prefer uncovered boxes. Your cat may be choosing to relieve him or herself on the carpet because the litter boxes are too cramped with the tops on them.

7. Buy a bigger litter boxes. Cats need room to dig and turn around easily in the litter boxes. Large, shallow storage bins without the lids also work well as litter pans for some cats.

8. Buy a Feliway plug-in or spray if your cat is using one area of the house instead of the box. Spray it in the problem area. The ingredients in Feliway mimic cats' pheromones, which will help put your kitty at ease and resolve stress-related litter box issues.

9. Be sure to thoroughly clean the spots where your cat has had accidents with an enzymatic pet cleaner that will remove all evidence of the problems. You may not be able to detect the smell after cleaning the area, but your cat probably can if a pet stain cleaner is not used.

10. put another litter box in the area where he likes to pee. or put aluminum foil over the area. Many cats will not walk on foil.

OLDER KITTENS / CATS If a problem Arises If you catch them after only one or 2 accidents it can be corrected by using one of more of my helpful hints above....
Take your cat to the vet.
Your cat may have a Urinary Tract Infection, that needs to be treated with antibiotics. (usually not the case in young kittens) if there is no medical reason then try these helpful tips....

Bengal Kittens and dogs
 Introduction to other pets Meeting the baby, bird, turtle or....


 Bengals are very outgoing and a smooth introduction usually takes only an hour or 2, depending on the nature of your first pet. I have had people bring their other pet and the new kitten is sleeping with it in the car before they get home :-) It is best to have a special room selected for your kitten, laundry room, bathroom or bedroom that is low traffic area. This aids in litter habits as well as introductions. This will be where kitty stays during his initial quarantine from other cats in the house. While in his room, your pets will get to know each other under the door. Most people who have healthy pets and do not feel the need for quarantine any longer than necessary for pets to get to know each-other. If your pet does not readily accept the new kitten, hold your pet and play with him near the new kitten. This will let him know he is still your favorite, allowing him to be more open to the new arrival. If older pet is not happy, it may be necessary to put new kitty in a crate and let your pet walk around the crate sniffing and teasing the kitty until they accept each other. Until they have fully accepted one another, be sure they are safely separated at night and when no one is home.

Noisy Kittens

bengal cats like to talk Your kitten may follow you through the house talking to you.
He may be extra vocal when he can not see you. This is easily solved by talking to him.

Never exclude kitty from your activities, except when you are not home and he is left in his special room.

 If Kitty is unhappy in his room, this would be a good time to give him a treat of canned food mixed in his regular food.
Sometimes he is just confused and misses his familiar surroundings. A  treat of canned food, lots of sweet talk and petting, and playing with an interactive toy might help.

Bengals like water

 It is common for Bengals to dip a paw and lick the water off. Iisn't it more civilized than dipping your nose in the water bowl. Please be aware that Bengals really DO like water. Not just to look at. If you do not like a furry friend in your bath or shower, or if you do not think they should be playing in the water as you wash the dished, then you must teach them appropriate behavior or simply put them in another room..

A  Bengal will teach YOU that keeping the toilet seat closed IS proper behavior.
while you sit on the pot, a dog will think " COOL MAN, YOU CAN DRINK WITH YOUR BUTT" 
 a Bengal will be insulted "WHEN YOU DO THE DIRTY IN HIS WADING POOL"

Finding toys in the water bowl, or a wet toy in the floor is just part of life with a friendly, frisky Bengal :-)

Are they Hypoallergenic ?

 bengals and otherr pets depends on how allergic you are... This is a Note from a family that purchased 2 of my kittens, after their last 2 cats died of old age. Hi Holly, Just a question... I had been used to vacuuming the furniture once a week, and daily vacuuming of the floors, with my other two cats. Is it possible these Bengal cats don't shed?? I can wear new black jeans, and there is little, if any cat hair on them. Maybe it's a kitten thing. Let me know. I didn't find anything on this subject in any of the web sites. Penny Penny's girls My answer, Bengals shed Very Litter, it is most noticeable during spring. For this reason, and that fact that they are easy to bathe, some people say Bengals are hypoallergenic. This is not completly true...
If you are VERY SENSITIVE you must bathe them.

Do Bengals Shed, Not enough to see hair on your clothes or furniture, and usually not enough to see in your vaccuum.

 Are Bengals Destructive to Furniture???

not if they have a good scratching pad.... or their own furniture and you keep the nails clipped...
Cat Furniture need not be expensive.
These cost from $5. to $500.
Flat cardboard scratchers area a favorite for my kittens and cats.   Usually under $10.

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