Susan Smalley
341 Rush Run Rd
Liberty, WV 25124

Bengal Purrdies

Contract for sale of Bengal Kitten or Cat

Sex  Fe M   spayed Yes   Born              Color; Black Spotted Tabby 
Sire of Kitten;                               Dam of Kitten;
Buyer name                                   phone                           email

Sales price as Agreed;    $ _____   _/___   ___thousand________hundred
plus 6% sales tax if picked up inside WV and paypal fee = __________ no cash refunds
_deposit of __________________paid by________                ____ paid on___________________
Please PayPal deposits to

Balance due__________________ on or before_____________________

Shipping fee $400. Ship to ________________ apx ship date_________

If you want to come to BengalPuttadise or Trendar to pick up your kitten
apx date of Pick UP /  5 days after spay.   date of pick up_________________

 The terms of this sale as follows. Buyer Agrees;
Vaccinating against FLV (Feline Leukemia) and FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) are
NOT recommended. Research is unclear on the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

1. buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this kitten and providing properly for its welfare.
2. To insure his health you will not allow your new kitten to play with any other animal for a full 2 weeks.
This gives vaccinations a chance to build immunity within the kitten.
Also gives the kitten a chance to bond with new Humans before bonding with other pets. 
3. to have this kitten examined by his own vet within 3 days. Kitten will always receive prompt medical
 care, vaccines, worming, flea treatment etc. 
4. to provide exercise for this kitten, provide toys, and not cage it for prolonged periods of time. 
5. not to allow this kitten outdoors unless leashed and accompanied by a responsible person. 
6. this kitten (or any of it's offspring) will not be sold, leased or given to pet shop, shelter, or similar facility. 
7. If sold for breeding,
You MUST spay / neuter all pets before they leave your possession.  Name and phone of your vet who
will do spays at 8 weeks old                                                                                           You will not breed Bengals not owned by you.
8. buyer will contact seller at least weekly for 6 weeks, to insure you and pet are happy together. initial_
9. buyer agrees if any of the above terms are disregarded, breeder may reclaim this kitten with no refund.
The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated. Litigation will be in/near Charleston, WV. 
10. The breeder guarantees that the breeder's cattery is FeLV negative, that this kitten is presently free of
disease, and that this kitten will be accepted for replacement if returned within 7 days with a veterinarian's
certificate that this kitten has a health problem, provided the kitten has been HOUSED SEPARATE FROM
OTHER PETS and in a clean and safe environment. No cash refunds.
11. The breeder warrants that this kitten is genetically sound, and will replace this kitten with another at no
additional cost except for shipping, if this kitten dies within two years of a congenital defect and that said
defect is evidenced in a Veterinarian autopsy report presented to the breeder. 
I read kitten care instructions on website and I will e-mail or call immediately if I have any problems INITIAL_

12. If terms of this contract are not followed you immediately own another  $3000. to
Trendar and  you must immediately return cat to Trendar at your expense. If this contract goes to litigation the buyer pays all count costs

Buyer's Signature, Date_______________________________